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Christian Gagnier


Christian began his filmmaking career in high school, wearing several production hats, he wrote, directed, filmed, edited and starred in his first short film, "Fides", his senior year of high school. So realistic was the violence that it was rejected by the high school film festival. He simultaneously edited and directed a three-hour documentary saga chronicling the football team’s successes and failures on and off the field throughout the 2008 season while he also started as left tackle on the offensive line. At Western Connecticut State University he continued to pursue his filmmaking passions by rounding out his skill set portfolio: pursuing a major in Communications with a concentration in Media Production for his directing, a second major in Creative Writing for his screenwriting, and a minor in Marketing to learn how to market his films. He worked on a variety of sets and projects as the creative lead for public service announcements, theatrical trailers, short documentaries, short films, music videos, news packages, and commercials. His hard work and dedication prepared him for his longest short to date, "Crossing the Rubicon", clocking in at 35 minutes with a dozen principal actors and over two dozen extras all on a scant budget of $200 dollars. He also crewed alongside award-winning and Oscar-nominated writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson on music videos, "Sapokanikan" and "Divers," for Joanna Newsome. Wandering Off is his first full length feature he’s produced.